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Caribbean dream biz

Today on my blog will be presented an overview of a rather interesting news, which proved its viability, because she managed to hold out in such an unstable area for more than 200 days!

So, meet: Caribbean dream (official site)! For a long period of time, this investment Fund was in the stage of «guerrilla», developing in Asia without unnecessary hype, insiders and the purchase of advertising. On the official Caribbean dream YouTube channel You will find many videos from conferences from India, Indonesia, Bali and other countries.


However, now the administration still does not buy any advertising, therefore the peak of popularity here will not come for a long time. Therefore, it is safe to make investments in the project at the moment.

As for investment. In view of the fact that the percentage of return on them is floating, there is no exact period of operation of the packages, but investors will be able to earn from 170% to 200% of profits here.


  • Start: 28.06.2018
  • Category: low-interest investment Fund
  • Administration: anonymous

License: the company has three official licenses in Hong Kong, UK and Australia, which is easily verified on the relevant sites and confirmed by the video posted on the YouTube channel/

  • Website: pleasing to the eye website design, fully filled with unique content; SSL-encryption, DDoS — protection from Comodo
  • Languages: English
  • Activity: sale of unique tools for analysis to investment funds and trading on cryptocurrency and financial markets
  • Profit: of floating in each investment portfolio, the minimum rate of 1% per day with a maximum of 1.75% on the day
  • Deposit: choose one of the investment proposals and immediately pay, replenish the balance first is not necessary
  • Currency: at the moment USD, BTC, other currencies will be added later
  • Payment systemPerfect Money, Bitcoin, other payment systems will be added later
  • Charges: daily
  • Minimum deposit: to open a Deposit: 25$ or 0.01 BTC, withdrawal: 1 USD or 0.001 BTC
  • Payments: processed manually, regulations-120 hours
  • Affiliate program: 7-level inside; initially, each is assigned only 2 levels-2% -1%, then, as the development of the partner network increases the depth and size of the instant reward. Starting with the status of 6 partner reward is paid with income. (see details: «Affiliate program and career»)
  • Carreer: for the achievement of each status will be paid a one-time bonus of$ 50 to$15 000. (see details: «Affiliate program and career»)
  • Monthly bonuses: Caribbean dream encourages active investors and leaders with another type of bonuses-depending on the turnover of the first line during the month the leader will be assigned a rank and paid the appropriate remuneration (see details: «Affiliate program and career»)


Here you can see as many as four offers for every taste and budget. Significantly, the greater the amount of investment, the higher the percentage of it. However, what unites them all is that the percentage of accruals is floating and they work a certain amount of time:

  • Deposit in the amount of $ 25 -999$ has a daily yield of 1%-1.35% and works until the investor 170% profit (70% net);
  • Deposit in the amount of 1 000$-4 999$ has a yield of 1.05%-1.45% and ends when the investor 180% profit (80% net);
  • The investment in the amount of 5 000$-9 999$ will already have a rate of 1.1%-1.65% and will be completed on accrual of 190% (90% net).

The amount of the Deposit from 10 000$to 100 000$ can receive the maximum interest rate — 1.15% -1.75%. The contribution will close when will be credited with 200% profit, that is 100% pure profit.


For those who do not have their own contribution, the affiliate program will look like this: 2% -1%.

To increase the percentage of instant compensation for deposits opened by partners and the expansion of the line in depth, certain conditions must be met:

  1. Have an appropriate Deposit;
  2. The volume of the structure;
  3. Turnover of 1st line;
  4. Turnover from 2nd to 7th lines.

In addition, for the fulfillment of the same conditions you will be paid an additional bonus. For example, having received the status from 1, referral reward will change and will be 3% -2% -1% and in addition to the bonus account you will receive$50. All bonuses for «CC-status» are credited to the bonus account from which you can open an investment, but you can not withdraw money.

From the status of 6 and then you will start to receive a bonus from the daily charges your referral depth up to level 7.

And the last type of additional motivation for the development of the structure is a monthly bonus. I’m sure you’re already familiar with this. The conditions are as follows, only the turnover of personally invited partners within a month is taken into account. Every month. As it looks on the example of the table above: Inviting in the period from the first to the last day of the month personal partners in the amount of $ 501 -1500$, you get the rank of «Shipboy» and a bonus of$25. Bonuses up to the rank of «Navigator» are paid to the main account and are available for withdrawal from the platform at any time. But starting with the rank of «Navigator» and then they will share 50%/50%, where 50% fall on the main account and another 50% on the bonus.


Registration and Deposit opening

Open the project website, in the right corner, at the top of the screen, click «Register».

In the window that opens, you need to enter the desired username, your current email address, as it will receive a letter with a password to log in. Then enter a unique password and repeat it. Complete the registration by clicking on the «Open my account»button.

Now let’s look at how to open a Deposit. Go to your personal account.

The desktop is quite well filled with various information. On the main page you can see information on the balances, both bonus and normal, the yield schedule for all tariffs, find your referral link and see statistics on partners and statuses. To open a Deposit, click «Make Deposit».

Note the preferred tariff plan, choose the Deposit amount and where the funds will be debited (from the wallet, from the balance, from the bonus balance). Enter your amount or click on the finished offer and click «Invest».

Вывод средств

In the tab «Settings» write down the details of your wallets. Then click «Withdraw», select the currency, enter the amount and click «Withdraw funds»to withdraw the profit.


My opinion is that the project Caribbean dream is worth a closer look, it is no wonder the administration has spent a whole year on the preparation. However, this does not mean that something can not go wrong and the risks are everywhere. Therefore, although I take it into my portfolio, the decision whether to invest my money here or not is up to you.

My contribution: $ 1000 to 180% and $ 600 to 170%.

My contacts:

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